20 September 2012

London Love

September 1986
26 years old
Living in London
Arrived home about 8.30. So convenient to walk home in 5 minutes from Doug's. I kept smiling, I was so pleased and happy at the way things had turned out.
Took a bath and prepared for my interview. I looked quite nice. Met Kerry for lunch as planned and saw Doug, it was weird. "No giggling" he'd said, in fact I was terribly serious and terribly hung over. Today was the first time I'd ever woken up with a headache from having drunk too much.
Interview was OK, but didn't like the guy very much. Tried enrolling at Goldsmiths College for life drawing but the classes were full – very disappointed. Then went to Kerry's where John cut her hair and then mine. Lisa came over too. PT home (as always) reading my brilliant book.

Embarrassing prequel to this entry here.


  1. Awww...have I ever told you how much I love the way you write? I feel like I was there afterward!!