04 September 2012

Gay Best Friend

4 September 2012
52 years old
On Friday I went into the Melbourne Writers Festival and sat in on a marvellously entertaining session with the English novelist Patrick Gale. I had recently finished reading his "Notes From An Exhibition" which I really enjoyed and I just knew I would like him. He is more-or-less my age, chatty, witty, handsome and gay. He would make the perfect Gay Best Friend. Not that I can complain in that department. I am very lucky to already have some fab-u-lous GBFs.
Anyway, after the session I stood in line and had him sign a book (as you do) and was brash enough to give him a copy of my book. Then, Sunday night I dragged my husband with me into town for the closing night address of the festival; given by Robert Dessaix – who I have long admired. As Craig and I walked to the end of the queue, I saw Patrick Gale and his publicist out of the corner of my eye. They had tried to get into the session ahead of the queue, which I gather is normal for international festival guests, but weren't admitted, and so had to join the end of the queue – behind us!
"Have you read my book yet?" I asked, jokingly. Well I couldn't ignore him could I?
I can't exactly say that Patrick Gale is now my GBF, but I did spend a very pleasant 10 to 15 minute interval with him, Craig and his publicist (an impressive woman who does not normally have to stand in queues. Why only the night before she got them into Mamasita, a notoriously popular, no-bookings restaurant, without queuing!).
Patrick was perfectly charming, and for that short interval it was as though he and I were friends, chatting amiably on a night out together. Quite a thrill for me!

Author's photo courtesy of Literary Festivals website

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