25 September 2012

80s Teen Movies

On the first day of the September school holidays yesterday, Ali and I watched some 80s teen movies – 16 Candles and The Breakfast Club. In retrospect The Breakfast Club probably wasn't the most appropriate film for an eleven year old; though she keeps telling me all her friends are allowed to watch MA15+ films. She is very familiar with Molly Ringwald from Pretty in Pink, but Emilio Estevez was new to her, so I explained who his dad and brother are. Anyway, then this morning as I flipped through my diary from 1985, I found this ad pasted inside for today.

25 September 1985
25 years old
Train into school again, reading War and Peace. Hardly saw AT at all...Met A and Ian under the clocks and we took a tram up to Melb Uni where we saw the exhibition on Japanese Graphics. There was also a video of their most popular show, a song contest, which was a scream, and loads of magazines on a Jap news stand. Made me really miss the place. Then we walked to Lygon Street, sat and ate and drank. We parted, I did a little shopping and came home. Sitting next to a repulsive sniffer on the train – urgh!
At home K asked if I were at all interested in going to the pictures. We decided on Repo Man. Rang A, met him at the Longford. The film was pretty good, weirdish but fun and entertaining. Emilio Estevez looked lovely and the look of the film was quite stunning in parts. Enjoyed it.

On a related note: if you missed it and would like to read about meeting Harry Dean Stanton, click here.


  1. Good movies but also good movie music!

    1. Totally agree Fran, I've been humming the Simple Minds song from Breakfast Club all day! And the list from Repo Man is also impressive.

  2. I don't think you can bee too young to watch The Breakfast Club.