27 August 2012


27 August 2012
52 years old
I am getting quite a bit of positive feedback for my book, which is wonderful, especially for the novella All Windows Open, but the seven short stories that follow seem like the dwarves to the novella's Snow White. They are smaller, less noticeable and not quite as pretty. So today I'm posting the first paragraph of Spouse Cycle, a short story set in regional Victoria, which has absolutely nothing to do with Melbourne's urban Greek community.
For anyone interested, here are some links to reviews of my book: on Amazon UK, and on Leslie in Adams Morgan, a friend's blog. Please click on 'Like' if you have an Amazon account, on either the UK or US site, write a review, a blog post (as Melanie kindly did) or recommend my book to your friends. 
A big thank you also to Penni at Neos Kosmos, the Greek Australian national newspaper, for a fabulous page of photos from the launch, in Saturday's edition!
Spouse Cycle
I am happily married, I am happily married, Norman repeats to himself. They say you can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends; but after thirty odd years there didn’t seem to be much choice in the matter. Norman couldn’t really throw off Stevo and Jim now could he? I mean Stevo wasn’t the sharpest tool in the toolbox. He could slam the front door in his face and Stevo would come round the back, with a six pack of beer and his stupid grin. Why Mary chose him over Norman back in year ten was a question that had plagued Norman for the better part of twenty years. So now she finally sees the light, dumps Stevo, and he’s left consoling the bugger when what he really wants to do is console Mary. No luck in life, Norman thinks to himself. Still, he did alright with Steph, she’s been a good mum to the boys and after what, fifteen years of marriage they still had some fun in the boudoir. But it’s like eating Corn Flakes for breakfast every morning. Corn Flakes are good but after a while you feel like something different, a bit of Snap Crackle and Pop.


  1. So how is everything going with your book on Amazon? Inquiring minds want to know!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and offering your kind words. I'd have replied earlier but I have been sans Internet here for 4 days. Bleeeee.

    Take care!

    1. I've had a few sales of the eBook but not exactly racing up the charts -- yet! But thanks for asking!

      Wow, 4 days without the internet, hard to imagine; but it would be peculiarly restful, I should think.

      I actually got back to writing today. What a great feeling! I started a novel a few months ago, but have been waylaid recently with "All Windows Open" getting published, and all that has involved.

      Thanks for the comment Jeremy!