09 August 2012


Most new books sell a few copies and disappear without a trace; and I believe most writers of fiction earn something like $4,000 a year. Now I'm not in it for the money, but it would be nice to think that a few people outside of my family and friends might read my stories, and enjoy them. So publicity is very important; and since I'm with a small independent publisher (Clouds of Magellan), with an extremely limited publicity budget, it means I need to sell myself – not something I'm very good at (I don't think) or particularly enjoy: apart from writing my blog, which I do enjoy!
I'm very lucky in that the local Greek-Australian community are supporting me. Last weekend an article appeared in Neos Kosmos, in the English language supplement of this national newspaper. You can read it here. (Give it a few stars for me, if you do!) Many thanks to the charming Penni Pappas who interviewed me and wrote it up. As well as that, the Antipodes Festival (run by the Greek Community of Melbourne and Victoria) have mentioned my book launch on their website and in their newsletter. They are also allowing me to use their venue for the launch, smack bang in the middle of Melbourne – fantastic!
Lastly, the principle of my daughter's Greek school has offered to put something about my book launch in the school newsletter: thank you Kiria Maria!
I still haven't seen a copy of the actual book, but apparently the printer has said delivery will be today. So stay tuned for a picture of me holding my first book tomorrow – fingers crossed!!


  1. Looking forward to it Hariklia, good luck!

  2. How exciting!! I hope you don't mind, but I kind of pimped you in my blog hop post this coming weekend...

    1. Of course not! In fact - thank you!