30 August 2012

My Old Street

30 August 2005
45 years old
Visiting London
I have written before about visiting my old street in London, but as the date has rolled around again, I thought I'd share another picture. Here I am as a  wife and mother. I am walking up the street I lived in for almost three years – three very formative years, and it's not as I remember. For one, when I think back, I think of grey skies and the sky on this day was Australian blue. For another, when I think back, I think of love affairs that went wrong. I remember the disappointment of Doug, who lived a five minute walk away; and later the heartache over Johny, who lived across the road. But visiting on this day I was a part of a loving family – still am – (knock on wood) romantic heartache is a thing of the past.


  1. I've been living in England for 11 years now and I get this feeling when I do actually get to go home now!

    1. That's interesting Fran, and makes complete sense!