07 August 2012

Discovering New Bands

7 August 2012
52 years old
It's so much fun discovering a new band. They don't even have to be brand new, just new to me. Sunday night I saw Sky Parade supporting Mark Gardener (ex Ride) and they were cool! After their set, and a set by the Underground Lovers, they played again as Mark Gardener's backing band. It was a killer gig, and afterwards I met some great people, just as I used to in the old days when I saw bands every week, and I was young and open to the world. I still like to think I'm open to things – for an old person!! A couple of sisters, Lisa and Elsa (?), who reminded me so much of me and C about 20 years ago were so much fun to chat to, and later in the band room – surely you know me well enough now to know I HAD to get into the band room, my friend Mary and I chatted to Joel, the drummer from Sky Parade. What a sweet guy. I asked him how old he was, and he said "old". I have to confess that I am slightly obsessed with age. I pegged him at about 28. If he ever reads this and sees I'm 52 – well then he'll know what old is!!
They are playing again tonight, headlining at The Grace Darling Hotel in Collingwood.


  1. We're never too old to enjoy good music Hariklia....

  2. What fun! It makes me feel like I need to get out more! And are is only a number!