03 July 2012

The Boys Next Door

3 July 1979
19 years old
Did absolutely nothing but try and find the new Boys Next Door album and wash my hair.

4 July 1979
19 years old
Bought my Boys Next Door album!!! YAY!!!

This was one of those albums that I waited for. I'd seen the band play live a few times and thought they were fantastic. Nick Cave was an amazingly charismatic lead singer. I'm kicking myself that I never took a camera along to one of their gigs. 
Of course the following year (I think) they headed off to England and changed their name to The Birthday Party and have since become rather legendary. 


  1. Well, it is hard to tell whether to bring a camera to a concert anymore or not. When you don't, you regret it as in the case from your post. But one time (no, not at band camp...lol), I was at a Guns N' Roses concert, down close, and Axl Rose was pointing at me. I raised my hand in a kinda rock salute thinking how cool that was of him. Well, the next thing you know, some big old buffoon had me jacked up and escorted me to the side demanding my camera. It was one of those cheap, disposable ones, but damn, it had other pics on there. The goon refused to let me keep it because Axl didn't want his picture taken. To this day, I don't know why I still like him and GNR.