31 July 2012

Singles and Couples

31 July  1982
22 years old
Awoke in time to watch all of Sounds from London. Chas, Suggs and Bedders from Madness on, and Chas looked absolutely Dreamy with a capital D! Started some Graphics which I continued to work on after lunch, until tea and Different Strokes - it's getting to be a habit. Listened to 3PBS as usual. C went out with D to see The Fall. I feel very sceptical of that band scene. The more obscure a band, the trendier it is to see them. Sort of felt it might be good to check them out and that if I don't I'm missing something, but couldn't bear the inconvenience of the smoke and crowd.
Stayed home, cutting up old Women's Weeklies. Made up the second in what will probably be a series of 3 or 5 collages. Stayed up until about 12 or later to finish, quite pleased with it and my graphics and my productiveness.
At lunch asked C what Cheryl was doing and her and Peter are invited to Soph and Vic's for tea. Felt awful, like I was losing friends because I didn't have a boyfriend. I don't really want one anymore as I did. I like my singleness and I hate this couples over to dinner business, but I also feel awful being left out of things, though I do understand it. I need my own crowd, a more single arty crowd. Guess I'll have to wait, no one wonderful enough anywhere to be seen.


  1. The single thing annoyed me a lot as well as couples would constantly try to hook you up!

  2. Tea and Different Strokes -- what you talkin' bout, Willis?