07 July 2012


7 July 2012
52 years old
We have been away and I have missed home. Now I could go all soppy and metaphorical, and go on about 'home' being where ever the ones you love, are; and that I was always 'home' because I was with Craig and Ali...but you know what? Sometimes you just want to be where you know what number to set the toaster on and which switch turns on which light.
When we left northern Queensland yesterday evening the night time temperature was 22C, when we landed in Melbourne at midnight it was 2C – bhrrr, indeed! But this morning the sun is out, the morning is crisp (OK it's bloody freezing) and The Age has been delivered to our doorstep. The Age is my newspaper, it is Melbourne and I am at heart a city girl. I have coffee with Craig and read the Saturday edition.
Palm trees and beaches are beautiful, and time spent with my family doing fun stuff is great, but you know you're really blessed when getting back home and back to routine makes you feel ridiculously happy.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these warming thoughts, despite your cold.