13 July 2012

High School Crushes

13 July 1974
14 years old
Belinda and John got sprung.
Richard thinks Julie is a rag.
Richard’s not going out with Krista.
YAY! I’m wrapped in Richard again.

At 14 it's all about school, and who is going out with who.
Who were you in love with at high school? and do you ever see them now? Richard left high school before our final year, and I never saw him again until a school reunion a few years ago: a 30 year reunion. Shit! SO old. Anyway, I literally did not recognise him. I overheard a conversation and put two and two together. A group of women were telling him how jealous they all were of another girl who was paired with him, for a dance scene in the school play. He seemed surprised.
He is still short, but at 50-odd it no longer seems cute, and his boyish face is boyish no longer. Not that I can talk. Still, so glad I never paired off before meeting Craig!


  1. That is so funny! I do not believe that were the circumstances right I would ever want to reunite with my high school boyfriend, Jeff. He's a nice guy and all, but from what I've heard we have zero in common any more. Although, funny fact...we both named our sons Gabriel.

  2. I went to an all boys christian "homicidal" brothers school, no girls apart from the french teacher!