30 July 2012

For the love of Melbourne

30 July 2012
52 years old
This is the third year that I'm writing about Open House Weekend. Sheek! It seems I'm a seasoned blogger now. If you're interested in Melbourne and architecture check out the 2010 and 2011 posts.
This year we didn't get to as many buildings as I would have liked, partly because of the weather – freezing; and partly because we had Ali with us and she got tired. Having said that, she was fascinated by the somewhat creepy Harry Brookes Allen Museum of anatomy and pathology at the University of Melbourne. Here she was able to hold a real human heart (plastinised) and see specimens of human remains in glass containers. There were also death masks of Mad Dog Morgan and Ned Kelly, our most famous bush ranger. But relax: no pictures of body parts here!
This amazing entrance of an underground car park features "Atlantes" (1880) carved by James Gilbert and originally from the Colonial Bank in Elizabeth Street.
The underground car park itself (so the blurb at the entrance says) "is an engineering innovation, employing mushroom-shaped columns to support the roof and accommodate drainage for the lawn and trees above. Its atmospheric interior appeared in the Australian film Mad Max.
I'm also showing some examples of stencil graffiti – Did you know Melbourne is the graffiti capital of Australia?
And any day out would not be complete without coffee and good food. We had a brilliant lunch at Seven Seeds, and enjoyed two cups of coffee. Buzzz!


  1. The death masks sound fascinating especially Ned Kelly!

  2. Seems like a full and pleasant day. Glad you got your buzz on!