22 July 2012

Book Dedication

22 July 2012
52 years old
As I've written before, my father’s sister, Aunt Alexandra, was the person who gave me my first diary, when I was eleven years old, to record my trip to Greece. Her gift set up a habit that I kept up for many years and nurtured my love of writing. I always said that if I had a novel published, I would dedicate it to Aunt Alexandra.
Through my teen years, twenties and thirties, I found writing exclusively about myself and chronicling my daily life deeply satisfying. Along the way I also tried my hand at short story writing. I self published a booklet (Wayzgoose) with some friends, I won second prize in a short story competition, I wrote the first draft of a novel (Artemis). But I lacked focus.
Then at forty-one I had a child. For the first time in my life I had started something I could not, not finish. My daughter, Alexandra (named after my aunt), taught me to focus on what is important. When she started kindergarten I enrolled in a Masters of Creative Writing.
The creative thesis component of my Masters, rewritten a bit and expanded, forms the basis of my novella All Windows Open, which is dedicated to the two Alexandras.

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  1. Very nice dedications Hariklia, well said and done!

  2. Alexandra made quite an impact on your life. Dedicated your child and your book to her! What an honor.

    1. She was a very special person. Unhappily no longer with us.