25 July 2012

Best friends and favourite shows

25 July 1993
33 years old
Awoke somewhat dehydrated. Prepared for lunch and was relieved and yet disappointed when David rang and told me Sally and M couldn't make it.
David arrived with champagne and flowers – the darling [don't you just love gay best friends]. Lou arrived with soda water and a tape of songs I'd asked for.
Well, what a nice lunch and day we had. Chatting and laughing all the way. David and Lou got along fine. David left 6ish. Lou stayed until after The Simpsons. Then I relaxed with Beverly Hills 90210.
Listened to the soul tape in bed, that Lou made for me – brill.

For a while there, Beverly Hills 90210 was my favourite show. I had such a crush on Luke Perry – a teenage crush...in my 30s!! A year later I was dating Craig and embarking on a 'proper' relationship.


  1. You don't even want to know...after I saw Hunger Games earlier this year I was lusting after young Josh Hutcherson for a week or so...swooooooon! I think I will be ok until the next movie comes out...there's something wrong with me... (And don't feel bad, because wasn't Luke Perry IN his 30s when he made 90210??)

    1. You're right, he probably was in his 30s. He's looking a bit old these days.

      Funny about 'you and Josh' - it's fun having crushes. Even at our age! (hope you don't mind me saying that).

    2. I never watched 90210, but did watch Perry when he starred in a sci-fi show called "Jeremiah" (guess the name drew me in?) with Malcolm Jamal Warner -- which is probably more shameful of me than your behavior.

    3. Embarrassing rather than shameful - for me!

      I've never heard of Jeremiah. I must have been 'over' him by then! Fickle!

    4. Nope..I don't mind one little bit. That ummm...man (he's 20 so he's a man, right?) was born the year I graduated from high school. So yes, at OUR age it is hilarious I think!

      I think Jeremiah was on for a little bit and then it got cancelled, so that means it was probably a good show. I never got a chance to find out though. I think it came out around the time all of the ridiculous "reality" shows were getting huge. Now THERE is a complete waste of time...(most of them...some are like watching a train wreck and you want to but just can't look away.)

    5. By the way October 11, 1965, so he will actually be 47 this year. So no shame in that...me on the other hand...I could have a 20 year old...

    6. 47 is a good deal younger than my husband!