05 June 2012

Three Obscure Bands

5 June 1982
22 years old
In the evening D, Peter M and Phil H picked up C and I and we all went along to The Ballroom. Heaps of people we knew there, inc Lee, Sophie and Kay, Nigel, Kathy, Petrina, Michael, Andrew, Simon, SYI, Michelle, Nag, Debbie, Monique, The Beans, John their friend, Kirsty and Clem…Groovy!
Joyous Invasion were pretty good I thought, and Tablewaiters were also good, after all the hype. The singer Graham/Spock is absolutely gorgeous! He’s Australia’s answer to Jim Kerr, the way he dances is fab, he has cute Spock ears.
SYI were good but I felt, uninspiring, perhaps due to my over familiarity with them. Michelle B is so funny, she was waving to Mark on stage and making him laugh.
Good night out. I almost didn’t go, too.

In the picture (taken by me): Ed and Graham (Spock) from Tablewaiters.


  1. Back in 1986 I was invited to two small concerts somewhere in London. Can't remember where? The first was by a little known group called The Escape Club, who later had a US no1. The other was by a band I'd never heard of and I couldn't even pronounce their name....inxs, I thought it read inks? I went on to see them another 8 times. Those were the days.

    1. Yes we first thought it was 'inks' too! You never know when a 'little' band will become 'big' and you can say you saw them when – I love that!

  2. You don't want to know this, but in 1986 I hadn't even been to a concert yet. That momentous occasion would come two years later. And I learned fast that obscure bands in small venues are sometimes way better than a big arena deal.

    1. Nothing beats a small venue, despite the razzle dazzle of big arenas.