18 June 2012

This is Serious Mexican

18 June 1982
22 years old
Up early for photography, didn't do much. Richard said I could hand in my journal Monday, yah! Saw Rosemary about getting into Graphics. She suggested I go to CIT and look at the graphics department, which I did and felt it was my forte. Painting class was funny and good, laughing with Val being her loony self and William. I really like her and Kristina and W and Sabrina. Chatted to them about doing graphics [instead of painting]. I'm so confused.
Went home eventually. C felt like going out, Damian rang and those two plus me and Peter M and Phil H, went out to tea at Taco Bills. The food was different and pretty yummy and the whole evening was a laugh and a half. Peter and Phil are such a scream. I almost felt sick I laughed so much. At home had coffee and watched soccer.