03 June 2012

From Ecstasy to Misery in Amsterdam

3 June 1987
27 years old
Visiting Amsterdam
Sue and I went to the post office and then met our friends in front of the central station. I met Chris, she met Yolanda. We split up. So nice to see Chris again, we chatted and chatted. I told him all about Tony. We went to a second hand market, then wandered back to Kalver Straat, Dam Square, the red light district. Women in the windows, as I’d been told. Walked all day, I was exhausted.
…Discovered the modern art museum around the corner and then the Van Gogh Museum! I was deliriously happy to think it was less than 5 minutes from where I was staying! THEN I noticed a sign saying it was closed for the next 2 days. I had wanted to go today but Chris had lent out his museum card. I’m missing out on the ONE thing I wanted to see MOST.
Couldn’t believe it! Maybe we can change our flight to later Tuesday and see it then. I was stunned, from ecstasy to misery.


  1. This is completely irrelevant, but for some reason that museum was kind of a let-down for me. I'm not sure why. Loved being in Amsterdam, though.

    1. Not irrelevant, sort of good to know, even though I'm obviously well past the disappointment now - even I don't hold a bad mood that long! ;-)

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    1. Unfortunately, I've never mastered the skill of drug inhalation!