21 June 2012

Four Stars!!!!

21 June 2012
52 years old
My first book review is from Andrea, a blog friend who loves reading, and has rated All Windows Open 4 stars on Goodreads.
She also wrote me a very nice email:
"I have just finished reading it ( at some crazy hour of the morning ) and I can truly say I loved it! What an entertaining cast of characters. I found them all funny, warm and very real. I have a soft spot for All Windows Open and really loved learning so much about Greek culture, so many superstitions! I also enjoyed Mrs Mavros' character very much."

Thank you so much Andrea!


  1. Oh, and three other people have marked it down as 'to read' - thanks!

  2. I am proud to be part of such an elite group. I just might have to stop reading what I am into right now and dive into this!! Congratulations! So happy for you!!!

  3. I'm really enjoying reading your book your book!

    1. Thanks Kay, are you reading the book or the write up on the book?