16 June 2012


16 June 2012
52 years old
The actual printed, hold-in-your-hands book is still a couple of months away from being available, but the world of ePublishing moves much faster. So I'm thrilled to announce that my book is available for purchase through Amazon (international) and Readings (local), for the bargain price of $2.99. Of course you are more than welcome to wait for the hard copy release in August. Everyone will be invited to the launch, where they can have a glass of wine and a chat and have their book autographed; but you will need to come to Melbourne!
All Windows Open comprises of a short novel, of the same name and seven short stories. Here's a blurb about the novella:
Chrissie Triantafillou is your average Greek girl growing up in Melbourne in the 1980s. Dark hair, art student, bit of a princess. Other distinguishing features: she has no sense of smell, has been cursed by her mother, and is passionately in love with her cousin George.
To further complicate things Chrissie has a boyfriend, with whom she is about to move in, and George has met Dora while travelling in Greece, and is engaged to be married. Even so, Chrissie can't help fantasizing about George and wonders whether he might harbour inappropriate feelings towards her too.
There is guidance from Mrs. Mavros, the coffee-cup seer, and there is interference from her neighbours Mrs. Xanthos and Mrs. Evans. And just when Chrissie feels most alone and does not know what to do, something happens. This is a story about the unseen: about the nature of love and the truth of instinct.
If you buy it, read it and like it, please recommend it to your friends; and if you'd really like to do me a favour, write a review on Amazon.


  1. Congratulations to you again! What an exciting couple of days you have had!! And while I was not the first to download it, I was pretty close!! Can't wait to start reading it!!!!!

    1. You were in the top 3 for sure Mel! I hope you enjoy it.