08 June 2012

Bye Bye Models

 8 June 1981
21 years old
Public holiday, but I woke up at 7.00!! and went to Tullamarine [airport] with Sue and Sally to see MODELS off. Picked up little Paul on the way. Met Cathy, Petrina, Nigel and Lee there. Had a mental time. Spoke to Buster and Andrew a little. Went back to Nigel's with Lee where we did nothing all afternoon.
In the evening met Petrina and Christine in town and went to see SYI but found them not to be playing! Extremely disappointing. Went to Martini's for 5 minutes of Article.

Top pic: Andrew Duffield and Sean Kelly from Models
Bottom pic: Mark Ferrie and John Rowell from Models 


  1. I always wake up early when i don't have to!

    And....I figured out that I can leave you a comment from my phone or after some one else has already. What is that about??