25 May 2012

Twosomes and Lonesomes

25 May 1988
28 years old
Living in London
It was a warm day and the 53 was late in coming after work, so I just bused it to Westminster and walked to the South Bank Centre. It was very very pleasant, I enjoyed my walk and the sights, the river especially. I was very aware of all the people in twosomes. At least these days although I’m not in one and I’d like to be, I know why I’d like to be and I don’t feel bad about myself. I don’t want someone just to prove to myself that I have worth. I know I have as much worth as anyone else, coupled or uncoupled. It’s just circumstances…I must admit I do feel gloriously independent as I go to things alone…It leaves me free to meet people, although it’s usually creeps, and to have men flirt with me, like the cloak room attendant at the Hayward Gallery today.
Went to see an exhibition of modern paintings from the Phillips Collection. Some were wonderful. Two Van Goghs, a beautiful Dufy and a lovely little Corot. Bought some postcards and came home.

A drawer of postcards in my 'cabinet' – my favourite piece of furniture at home.

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