03 May 2012

Single, broke & floundering

May 1989
28 years old
Back in Melbourne
Three months have passed and I’ve not written a word in here…In many ways my months back here in Australia have been uneventful and I wonder whether I have anything to transpose to paper – I’m still unemployed and haven’t “done” anything as such, and yet the last few months are very emotionally. My inner life has been all too eventful.
I’ve gone from my life in London where I felt I “had it all”, to a non-life here in Melbourne. It’s brought me face to face with myself, questioning what I’m doing, what I’m capable of doing, who I am and what I want to achieve. Indeed what is it that I want? Do I want to live here or move again? Do I have the confidence in myself to go for what I want.
I have always known my own mind. It’s never been clouded by a “significant (male) other’s” views. And yet here I am floundering.


  1. Ahhhh...the good old days...

  2. We all have those moments and still do I'm afraid.

  3. Cool look in the photo... I was about to graduate from American high school (you've probably seen enough American movies to know what that is, so I won't bother defining it)!

    1. Thanks, I went to town with PhotoShop!

      I suspect most Americans do not realise just how much we (at least in Australia) know about them through TV and film, but of course you are not "most" Americans...I say that in the nicest possible way!

    2. If I need to know anything about Australian culture I will just ask my dad!