16 May 2012


16 May 1986
Almost 26 years old
Living in London
Did my washing, a lovely sunny day, some dried in the sun! Met Kerry after work, she bought some things for me [using her staff discount at the record shop]. Then we went to Wendy’s. Had a good chat. I complained about my supposed popularity: letters and calls from abroad etc and yet no romance. We couldn’t stop talking.
Went to the Criterion BrassiereBrilliant d├ęcor. Got into a very personal, close conversation and now Kerry knows of my deep dark deadly secret – my complete innocence. She was surprised and said a lot of nice things. It was a wonderful conversation. Came home late-ish feeling very happy. She has become a real friend. I’ve been very lucky here, very lucky indeed.

Am I really posting this online? I must be crazy.
This beautiful picture of the Criterion Brassiere, courtesy of Corbis Images.


  1. You didn't know you were CRAZY???

  2. Odd, you don't seem completely innocent!

  3. Have you read some if what I've posted? Youre fine. You have the sense to not write while under the influence of anesthetic!

    1. Thanks Mel, that makes me feel better!

  4. Real friends are rare, you're very lucky!