10 May 2012


10 May 1990
Almost 30 years old
I think this was this the first time I ever saw Henry Rollins. It was at the recommendation of my younger brother Kosta, who was a big Black Flag fan. If I rode the first wave of punk, Kosta surfed a tad behind me, with hard core music that made the Pistols and Ramones (that I liked) seem more like The Archies.
IDs was a small upstairs venue on Greville Street, perfect for a spoken word gig and I remember being very taken by the young Henry. Some time later I saw Black Flag, not exactly my cup of tea, but mesmerising and intense. So when Rollins made an appearance at Au Go Go Records in Little Bourke Street, Christina and I took ourselves along. I can’t remember why Kosta didn’t go. Perhaps he was (and is) more into the music than the cult of personality.
I would say that Rollins was friendly but detached, he showed no interest what-so-ever in our attempts to befriend him. Where other musos came home for dinner, came sight seeing with us or at the very least offered to put our names on the guest list for the next show, Rollins showed no such inclination. Was he gay? I wondered. Not into charming brunettes?
I still smile whenever I see him interviewed. He is smart, articulate and 20 years later, still kinda cute.


  1. What is the story behind the diary entry about him dying? Did Henry write that? In a diary or autograph book of yours?

    1. He wrote this made up diary entry in my diary, which I happened to have in my bag on the day I met him. I think I said something like, can you autograph this, it's my diary; and he wrote that!

    2. Just remembered the other weird thing I've had autographed: when I met DEVO I was reading "The French Lieutenant's Woman" and got them to autograph the book. Again, because I didn't have anything else on hand!