08 May 2012

Paul Hester

8 May 1980
19 years old
Studied in the morning. Went to uni, had a test and then went to the BHS social to see THE ARTICLE and The Cheks.

I remember The Checks’s drummer Paul Hester playing up to the crowd and the young girls screaming. When he came out from behind his drum kit and ran out through the auditorium, he got chased by them! It was hilarious. He and the band were very friendly with the guys in Article, who I was friendly with, and he was someone I used to see around. Years later when I lived in London I found out he’d formed Crowded House with Neil Finn, and he became very successful. I was extremely sad when I heard about his suicide in 2005. We were near enough to the same age and he always seemed like a nice guy.

Picture courtesy of the Sydney Morning Herald

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  1. It was sad when I heard of his death, very missed.