15 May 2012

Party to End All Parties

15 May 1977
Almost 17 years old
Skyhooks were the first band that I was obsessed with, the first band that I went to see more than once. They were from Melbourne and sang about places that I knew: Lygon Street in Carlton, Balwyn, Toorak. They were theatrical and fun to watch; and I loved their music. I fell in love with almost every member of the band, starting with Shirley, moving through to Red, Bongo and Freddy. I thought they were all wonderful.
I have gone through many band obsessions since: The Sports, Dragon, Serious Young Insects, The Church, The Smiths, The Cure and The Killers – just to name a few – but you always hold a special spot for your first!


  1. You left out the Wham! years...

    1. I never minded a bit of Wham actually, but (as you implied) not an obsession!