17 May 2012

New Order

17 May 1985
Almost 25 years old
Got ready and left for NEW ORDER. The support The Wreckery – Hugo Race’s new band were very good and New Order were very very good. I didn’t expect to like them as much as I did. The singer is yummy, as is the drummer, so I thought before I met them. Thanks to Kirsty and Clem it was more than easy and trouble free, due to their friend Dave the roadie, who seemed very nice.
Well I still think Bernard the singer is yum but my fave is Steve the drummer, he is incredibly gorgeous! Very nice person, as is his wife Gillian the keyboard player. C and I and Kirsty chatted away with her for ages, girl talk and stuff. We all got along very well. Steve was drunk, “Your name’s really hard to say when I’m pissed”.
Finally left, late, drove Kirsty home. Lots of others there – Sean, Walshy, Dec, Vickie, Steve S, Phil (punk), Andrew Blue Eyes.


  1. Mega-jealous! Cool that you were able to give Gillian some probably sorely needed gal talk. The only one you didn't mention was Peter Hook. Did he get pissed with Steve?

    1. I am ashamed to say I didn't mention Peter Hook because I didn't think he was attractive and therefore he was kind of invisible to me. I know, I am (or was) very superficial!

    2. A very honest answer... Kudos. No playing hooky for you!

  2. That made me smile out loud!!

  3. New Order...live....must have been amazing!