21 May 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

21 May 2012
52 years old
I’ve been doing a spot of mathematics. Today I am 52. Half of 52 is 26 – so half my life ago I was newly arrived in London and spending my first birthday away from home. I remember my wonderful flatmates baked me a cake and some other friends who I’d not known very long sent me flowers. In the evening I had drinks at TheCambridge (I think) and I was overwhelmed by the love and attention I received from people who I’d only known such a short time.
Now I am all grown up (more or less) and spending the evening in with my husband and daughter – and that’s very nice too! Yesterday Craig and I went out for a beautiful lunch at The Stokehouse, overlooking the bay. The sun was out, the palm trees were only slightly swaying and as I sipped champagne (sorry, Australian sparkling wine), I couldn’t have felt happier. Today I took myself to a movie, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (excellent!), browsed in a bookshop, dropped in to see my parents and then picked Ali up from school. We then went for Boost and a browse at Chadstone (brilliant!). And tonight: Pizza for dinner (excellently brilliant!)


  1. Happy Birthday girl and to many more!

    1. I hadn't heard of the movie and tried to figure out if it was based on a true story, and got my answer:


      Glad you had fun yesterday!