20 May 2012

Cure give-away

20 May 2012
Almost 52 (!) years old
Well, after the heaviness of yesterday’s post, today I’m going all celebratory. What-She-Said has recently hit 80 Followers – whoo hoo! Thank you very much to everyone who has officially ‘signed up’ as well as to furtive readers. To celebrate I thought I’d give away one of my spare Cure backstage passes. I have one of these that was stuck onto my clothes and got a little grimy and dirty, and I have a pristine one that was never used. Would you believe we had two of these that we couldn’t give away at the time?! I know – crazy.
All you have to do is to leave a comment telling us what you like about What-She-Said, and if you're on Facebook click on Like. This comp is only open to members, ie those that ‘follow’. If you don’t officially ‘follow’ you will need to sign up, but existing members will get an advantage (part of the thank you), they will have their name entered twice in the draw. I hope that makes sense. 
Give-away closes Monday midnight, winner announced Tuesday morning (Melbourne time).
PS If you’re not a Cure fan, I’m offering an alternate prize: an autographed copy of my soon (I hope) to be released book All Windows Open.


  1. Love the blog - fascinating snippets of someone else's life - just enough to be nosy without feeling too voyeuristic. And doubly fascinating because I knew one side of your life when you were with us, and it is great to fill in lots of other aspects eg the music (I can relate easily to the passion but my experience was 10 years earlier, west coast US bands and festivals rather than Melbourne/London clubs). And of course the family/relationship stuff is easy for anyone to relate to whether they know you or not, though again so interesting seeing this in an different culture to the one I grew up in. Such a clever and simple idea for the date theme too. Please keep it up - it's a little daily treat, like having a small square of chocolate! (PS if I win I'd like your book, please, though I will buy one anyway!).

  2. I LOVE your posts - it is like reading a wonderful diary of fun 80's adventures. I also adore all of your photos. Keep posting. I am living through you. xoxo

    hmm I did try and post yesterday but it looks like it did not work. it was not easy on the little iphone adding all those silly crazy words/letters in order to post - I just walked away. :)

  3. Well that was easy, two responses for two give-aways. Thank you Hil and Autumn for your great comments. The Cure pass will be in the post headed to the US very soon and my book will be zooming to the UK - once it has been published!

    I think I may have said that there was only one prize, but ruled were made to be broken!