31 May 2012

Andy Warhol

31 May 2012
52 years old
Recently I’ve been browsing through Tumblr and have come across lots of people with similar obsessions to mine. Some pictures of Andy Warhol prompted me to thinking that I haven’t done a blog post about him, even though he is one of my favourite artists. But he was much more than just a visual artist, he was a writer, a philosopher, a publisher, a record producer, an events organiser and indeed a work of art in his own right.
He’s been amazingly influential on me. At college, studying graphic design, he influenced a lot of my work. I especially like his ‘commercial’ art’ which is showcased in the wonderful book Pre-pop Warhol. As you can see I have a bit of a collection going. I also have a stack of Interview magazines from the 80s when he was listed as Publisher.
Even now as a writer he is a constant source of inspiration. My (soon to be published) novella All Windows Open was influenced by one of his quotes, “I am a deeply superficial person.” It was on the wall in big letters at Queensland’s Gallery of Modern Art in 2007-2008. I flew up to see this amazing exhibition which was not shown in any other city here in Australia, and it was well worth it.
For Andy, where ever you are, I think you’re ace!

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  1. You also introduced me to Andy and like you I become obsessed with him and his work. Yesterday at The NGV I had another good look at his work. LOVE IT! THANKS Hariklia!