05 April 2012


5 April 1987
26 years old
Living in London
…dashed back home, and not long after me, Cand, Harry and Bruce went to Don’s private view. I liked his photographs, especially the one of Harry. Upset to learn, the day he took it and the one of Cand, I was out and he’d asked after me. I could have been in it! Chatted to a lot of people, inc Bruce, who I must admit has really been getting on my nerves lately, don’t know why really, but he has. But tonight we had a good chat and I now feel less aggressive toward him. Robo turned up with his friend Richard and wearing his cowboy hat.
At 9 we went next door to the pub. Chatted to Leila, played darts with Bruce. After closing time Robo and Richard came back here with us a lot of cans of beer. The drinking continued. Bruce produced 2 darts out of his pocket, he stole them from the pub. Then we started playing darts on the kitchen wall, aiming at a horrid little card that came in the packet of tea or something. Everyone was feeling a bit wild. I couldn’t believe we were taking turns putting holes into the wall in the house we lived in. Still it was fun, we shone the torch, the boys balanced cans of beer on their heads. I took pictures [and later assembled this collage].


  1. Nice, almost surrealistic collage (helped by the fuzzed out faces!)

  2. "a lot of cans of beer". I love it.