29 April 2012

Steve's enigmatic smile

29 April 1982
21 years old
Handed in my drawing assignment and went to Design class. Talked Irene into coming to union night and not worrying about the painting exercises due in tomorrow…Alex and I picked up Irene and her friend and went to CIT. Walked in without paying, YAY!!! Hot and humid in there, literally felt and smelt the alcohol in the air. Got to the front, usual girls there. The gig was good, as I just love them, but the sound and the mix wasn’t so good. Marty seemed worried. Their new song is brill (Electric Lash).
…Went into the band room. Richard said Hello and asked how I was first…Talked with Steve and Alex a bit, but mostly with Marty. It’s weird when I do, cause I get very noisy and chatty and carry on and on. He seems like he quite likes me or at least can handle my personality. He takes my barring on for what it is and craps back. Like asking if they’re still my favourite band. So he definitely recognises me and knows who I am. He told me he’s worn my scarf once and about his purple and pink pants and his guitars and this and that. And I told him about the first time I saw them and this and that. Steve kind of eaves dropped and smiled his enigmatic smile. It was so good!!!


  1. need to catch up on your blog...its been a while...looks very different than last time! Ill have to zoom in on what cure/church stuff Ive missed over the next few days :)


    1. Hey! Nice to have you back M.

      I changed the look at about Easter time, so quite recently.