15 April 2012

Stephen Cummings

15 April 1980
19 years old
Met Stephen (Cummings) and Martin (Armiger) from The Sports at Allans [Music Store] in town. Martin’s a darling, Stephen’s a weirdo.

In retrospect I see that Stephen was (and still is) very shy, and uncomfortable in such situations. The body language in this photo that I took, says it all. In the intervening 30 years (!) I’ve encountered him at many social events – we have mutual friends, but I’ve never yet been able to strike up a conversation. What isn’t said in this diary entry, is that I was absolutely mad about him and the band. He is still a very good looking man.


  1. Happy Orthodox Easter everyone. In celebration I have resurrected the look of my blog. I hope people like it. It's certainly very different!

  2. It looks beautiful. I probably just haven't gotten out enough in the blogosphere but this is my own first encounter with a blog that allows so many custom looks which the reader may select at will. Thumbs up! Despite his discomfort it appears Stephen's being a good sport about you taking his photo.

  3. Thank you Mr Pink. It's a much 'cleaner' look isn't it. I'm still getting used it myself, it's so different.

  4. The body language is very defensive but still a weirdo, the blog look looks fine!!

    1. Yes, 'defensive' is exactly the right word. Ta!