27 April 2012

Richard, Marty, Steve

 27 April 1982
21 years old
As compared to yesterday and in complete contrast I awoke feeling optimistic and not pessimistic…decided to skip my art history class…Alex came over, we picked up Lee and left for Macy’s. Saw A.E.I.O.U, also The Acrobats…Then went straight to St Kilda town hall. Walked confidently through the kitchen to the main area. Jumped for joy at having got in for FREE!
The Church came on and despite the drunken yobs I thoroughly enjoyed them. I’m pretty sure Steve Kilbey looked over, appreciating my appreciation of his wonderful songs.
Afterwards chatted with Ronnie and Alex and Mike A, then went into the band room. SK walked past and said something to Alex and smiled, perhaps to me as well, hard to tell. Spoke to Marty a little. He looked lovely in his pink pants (and wedding ring). His guitars are magical! Richard was very friendly chatting away and showing off. Walked out laughing with Marty about carrying his heavy guitars, suffering for his music, crap, crap, blah, blah, funny at the time. Into the rain, Richard sharing my umbrella a bit and me pushing him away. Felt fairly in, they were all very nice anyway. Felt really happy.
Awful wet night, dropped everyone home and snuggled up in bed to the sound of the rain.

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