25 April 2012

The relentlessness of motherhood

25 April 2001
40 years old
Eleven years ago today, I left hospital with a baby. It was ANZAC day and the footy was on at the MCG: Collingwood versus Essendon. The next year or so was to be the most tiring, terrifying and difficult of my life – and that’s having a healthy, ‘normal’ child. I can only marvel at parents who deal with illness and other challenges.
I was not prepared for the 24/7 relentlessness of motherhood. If you’ve been reading this blog you’ll know I had led a fairly carefree life: parties, gigs, travel. I had been focusing pretty much on myself for 40 years; suddenly someone else had to come first, someone's life depended on me. Responsibility engulf me like a dark cloud. Post natal depression? I don’t think so. I’ve always thought I reacted rationally, given the circumstances and lack of sleep. Anything worth doing involves some effort and dedication. Raising a child is a perfect example of this.
Are you a parent? How was your first year?


  1. You sound to me like a normal good mother!

    1. I think I am, Fran; just found that first year very difficult! Thanks for the comment.