30 April 2012

Out & About in London

30 April 1988
27 years old
Living in London
Got up at Sally’s place. It was warm and sunny, showered etc and left. Went to the V&A to see Phillippa. Arranged to meet for lunch and went to see the Neville Brody Exhibition, which was pretty darn good, nice to see his thumbnail sketches and student work. Also saw the chatty Polish guard, he didn’t recognise me! Quite shocked, although I was relieved not to have to get stuck talking to him.
Phillippa and I sat in the courtyard in the sun and talked and talked, it was really nice. Back at work, hers, not mine anymore, thank goodness. I bought the catalogue and browsed.
Rang Andrea and met her at her work. We went to a pub in Fulham called the Goat and Boat where we met up with Max. We had a really good night, we bought jugs of cocktails and guzzled them down – tequila sunrise, pina colada, golden dream – totally delicious! Not too drunk, lashed out on a Thai meal down the road.
Back home exhausted, not having been in since yesterday morning. The others got in shortly after, they’d wondered where I was. We all laughed and chatted. To bed, totally exhausted.


  1. A good day, us guards can be very chatty!

    1. You're a guard at a museum? How interesting!