08 April 2012

Julian Cope in Brighton

8 April 1987
26 years old
Living in London
Met Leslie and Tony after work and we drove all the way to Brighton in Tony’s MG. He seems very sweet. Lesley looked stunning. We chatted on and on.
The countryside and cottages were lovely. Brighton is gorgeous. The pier, the kiosks, the Grand Hotel, the SEA. So wonderful to see the sea, after so long. Found the place and went in. I knew I’d see Anthony there, and I knew he’d be with a girl – I was right, never-the-less I went up and we chatted a bit, he was nice and it really was nice to see him. He’s such a cutie.
Both support bands were OK. Julian was WILD. I was at the front. I was drenched in sweat. Thoroughly enjoyed myself. He even did “The Great Dominion” and “Read it in Books”. “Reynard” was the one encore. Waited around afterwards and spoke to JC briefly. He said he’d put my name on the guest list for both London shows. What a honey! I said – Plus one?. Yes, he said, don’t worry, sure. Kiss good-bye and left him to his fans.
As we were driving out of Brighton I saw The Brighton Pavilion – I was rapt! I’d seen everything I wanted to see: TBP, Julian, Anthony and the sea. Stopped for chips. Chatted and laughed all the way back. Dropped off at the front door. A great evening.

Julian Cope fans (if they wish) can also read about my week with Julian from March 1982.


  1. Thanks to your blog we all get to be your plus one on these adventures...

    1. True! A nice way to think about it.