22 April 2012

Julian at the T&C

22 April 1987
26 years old
Living in London
Straight after work I went to HMV to meet John and we went to the Town & Country Club. I was dreading asking if my name was on the guest list, eight times out of ten there’s a stuff up and tonight fell within the odds…We decided to go for another drink and then wait by the stage door for Julian. We took our pints along with us and it was fun really, for me at least. I knew I’d get in once Julian arrived. We saw Chris the yummy drummer arrive with the keyboard player and a guy I suspected was Cally. John and I giggled and looked through Smash Hits with Robert on the cover, and inside my latest fave boy – Steve, from That Petrol Emotion.
Anyway, Julian and Dorian arrived and J seemed quite upset and concerned to see me waiting out there. He insisted my name was at the door and I should go to the front and he’d see I’d get in. No sooner had John and I stepped into the lobby than the guy I thought was Cally, and was, said, “Is there someone called Hariklia here?” I said – yes, and he told us to follow him. We walked around the back and inside – for free! John and I were deliriously happy. Didn’t have much time to try and get to the front. John remained behind a bit, but I squeezed to about the second row. It was WILD. I sweated so much and really enjoyed it. Julian is such a brilliant performer and such a song writer. The crowd was filled with adulation for him and I couldn’t help but think how lucky I was to actually know him.
Afterwards Cally was very nice to us and made sure we didn’t get kicked out; we made it backstage and said hello to J. I introduced John to Julian and Dorian. We got a couple of autographs, stayed a little while and left. It was a really really good night. John also gave me a ticket to The Cure’s film premier tomorrow night, the band are meant to be there. What ever shall I do? Julian is expecting me at tomorrow’s gig, but the chance to finally catch up with R! But will I? or will he be protected from the mob?
To read about the following night’s Julian Cope gig and seeing Robert and The Cure – read last year’s post.

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