24 April 2012

Jazz Fest

24 April 1998
37 years old
Visiting New Orleans
As the rain falls down in Melbourne today, I recall the sun and warmth in New Orleans, fourteen years ago. It was Craig’s and my first big trip together and we had a blast, from New York, to New Orleans, Memphis, Chicago, Los Angeles and even a side trip to Yosemite National Park. The United States certainly has a lot to offer.
Today was the first day of the Jazz and Heritage Festival. Now I’m not really a jazz person. In fact I find it hard to listen to, to be honest; but Craig was keen to go and it seemed there was other music on offer. Can I say now – I loved it! There was great music, but also so much more. The atmosphere was friendly, relaxed and fun; and the food was amazing: we still talk about the BBQ shrimp po-boy we ate on our last day! I also bumped into a friend of my sister’s from high school there, and she and her partner, and Craig and I spent that first day together. We had a ball.
Other New Orleans highlights:
• The beignets at CafĂ© du Monde (why is so much of the good stuff about food for me?!)
• The swamp cruise where we saw alligators right up close
• Meeting James Cotton (one of Craig’s harmonica heroes)
• The architecture in the garden district
• The BBQ shrimp po-boy – so good I had to mention it twice!


  1. BBQ shrimp po-boy
    BBQ shrimp po-boy
    BBQ shrimp po-boy

    sounds so good I thought I'd throw it in a few more times! Sounds like you had a great time. Wild running into someone from high school so far away!

  2. Good food and good company, doesn't get much better than that!