17 April 2012

Four Bands in One Day

17 April 1981
20 years old
Woke up late and went to the under 18s concert with Chris. Missed the train and consequently LITTLE HEROES. However did see THE REELS and SPLIT ENZ who were super.
Hung around socialising out the back for a while. Met Peter G and went back to his flat with Chris and Lee and watched the video. Went to McDonalds with Mark, Tony, Peter and the three of us. Then got dropped off at Macy’s where we saw SERIOUS YOUNG INSECTS. Super day!!!
Split Enz image from Last FM web site.


  1. Split Enz - one of my favourite bands of all time. Saw them 2 nights in a row when I was at Uni. Sophie is now really getting into them. Love it!

  2. That was such a great day...I remember it well. Thanks for bringing it back!!!