10 April 2012

Eat Your Vegetables!

10 April 1987
26 years old
Living in London
Really enjoyed work today, worked on the veg society T-shirts, I really like them. Felt a lot more relaxed with Hilly and Ant, and I was quite cheeky to Anthony, winding him up. Almost wanted to take some work home to do, but resisted.
In the evening K rang, she told me how rapt John was with my message about Julian’s gig.
…I’ve been re-reading bits of my old diary, the bits with Doug. I also thought of him on the bus into work – confession. It’s not so much him but those times I miss and wish for. The affection and intimacy. But what made me desperate to write was the realisation that, that was all of 6 months ago! It’s been so long since we were close.

Here is a detail from a small gouache painting I did at art school, of a pumpkin. It reminds me of the veg society T-shirt designs I mention in this diary entry. From memory, the T-shirt designs were simpler, more ‘graphic’. They were also never produced – unfortunately. We had a positive attitude to vegetarianism in the studio, rather than an push anti-meat philosophy, we preferred to be pro-vegetable! 

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  1. I remember those beautiful designs - very simple and graphic crops of vegetables (I remember some peas in a pod!). You were way ahead of your time with them. (Crops! Ha! Unintentional!)