01 March 2012

Teen Crushes

1 March 1976
15 years old
Bernard was on his own in Physics again. Ercia told me his name in German and it’s so cute, like a teddy bear’s name. He and Smiles always stir Wooley in maths. Gee it’s a scream, he needs someone to deflate his ego.
At SRC I made some good comments and all the sixth form guys laughed and smiled at me and even clapped. I felt so good. It’s amazing how your ego can be lifted. I was especially happy cause Frog was one of the guys. Gee that guy’s cute. But he’s Kay’s anyway, I’m just admiring.
Watched Starsky on the TV. What a SPUNK, my favourite.

Addendum: I am so so sad to learn that Davy Jones from the Monkees has died, aged 66. I remember being so in love with him at age eight, and trying to imitate his dance style. I am close to tears.

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  1. This post reminds of the book Puberty Blues! :))