02 March 2012

Silver Jubilee Party

1-2 March (weekend) 1980
19 years old
At night went to a Silver Jubilee part in Hawthorn, where The Article played. Great evening. Mark from Proles came

In 1977 the Queen (of England) had celebrated her Silver jubilee and the Sex Pistols released God Save the Queen, so this party was a kind of nod to that. I remember thinking that the girl having the party was so OLD. So much so that in my memory I thought she had been turning 30. I just looked it up and a Silver Jubilee celebration is for 25 years. At 19, 25 seemed very old to me. Now I find myself at twice that age!!
This picture of The Article is in fact two photos of mine, that I’ve PhotoShopped together. It was taken in a pub somewhere, not at this party. BTW Still love this song.

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