07 March 2012

Food Poisoning – No Fun

7 March 1988
27 years old
Living in London
Met Andrea after work and went for a (poison) pizza, met David after a couple of drinks (thought I saw Graeme, K’s ex at the pub) at The Marquee. I got in FREE thanks to Marty honey bunny. The band [The Church] came on soon after we arrived. They were great, but I felt terrible. Moved to the back for a drink of water, but that didn’t help. In the end I had to go out the back and throw up – that helped [I remember the bouncer looking at me like I’d had too much to drink].
Abandoned by Andrea and David I caught the night bus home alone. Sat at the back upstairs, in case I was sick again. Felt dreadful and like I could very well be sick still more. Made it home, went to bed, got up, threw up in the loo, finally got to sleep.
Didn’t even go backstage. Told Lucy to apologise to Marty and thank him and kiss him.

To read about the Church gig the night before, see last year’s diary entry.


  1. I hate when people judge you like that and just assume you are drunk.

  2. Food poisoning can be such a kick in the teeth to a potentially good night...

  3. Horrible. I had a similar experience where something I ate came up uncontrollably 15 minutes after eating in a convenience store. The clerk was very angry, forcing me to leave, and seemed to think I was drunk as well.

  4. Come to think of it, if I'd seen someone being ill at a gig, I'd probably think they were drunk too. But it does go to show, we shouldn't judge.