22 March 2012

Meeting Dire Straits

22 March 1983
22 years old
…C and I and Lee met Sonia and her friend Angela out the back of Festival Hall. The Church were all in a car [parked], which I approached. They were all smoking in there and vegetating. They were uncooperative and uncaring. Marty was OK. Steve just shrugged and looked. Peter smiled (barely). I left them – disappointed for not getting a ticket or pass…Got in anyway, with sharing the guest passes that the others had.
Some seats in the front row were empty, so we went and sat there. Front row for the entire Church set. I was so pleased. Steve looked over – they must have wondered how I got front row! Had to move during interval. The place was full of straights!
Dire Straits were very very good. I especially liked Romeo and Juliet – very moving. Mark Knopfler was charismatically balding. Hal the guitarist was very cute and big headed. Enjoyed the gig even though they were a bit too rock and roll-y for me. Hung about after and got some autographs. Mark, Hal and Tommy the crazy keyboard player all liked my name. Hal said it was ‘lovely’ and chatted a bit – yummy looking.
Felt inclined to go to the hotel, so we did. The Regency. Went to the bar, got another autograph; others there inc. Glenn Shorrock and James Reyne plus asian girlfriend. He looked over a bit. Kirsty’s friend Bronwyn from Brisbane there, chatted. She said she has Jim’s phone number and has rung up. They [Simple Minds] should be out again in August. Yay – musically. Don’t care (much) – about Jim. Spoke to Hal a little and got a nice kiss good-bye – melt! Also said ‘Bye’ to Mark, in his pink suit, and left. Home just after 2.

I still love the song Romeo and Juliet, and especially the cover version of that song by The Killers (my FAVOURITE band).


  1. "charismatically balding". I love that. One of these days we will have to meet up at a Killer concert. Deal?

  2. Very nice and I agree about the song and would include "Brothers in Arms" as well.....