05 March 2012

The last time I saw Tony

5 March 1988
27 years old
Living in London
…Andrea, Bruce and I decided to pop into the party in Brockley that Pete M told us about. It was just OK, didn’t stay long. Making our way out I saw a familiar face emerge from the crowd. I’ll never forget that image, the recognition of – Tony! I couldn’t believe it, but it was really happening. He (patronisingly) kissed me hello (on the cheek). We talked a little. I said we were leaving, he said he’d been dragged around all night to various parties and would rather be home watching telly (misery guts). I told him I had wanted to call him and tell him I’m OK, but I was scarred he’d hang up. He said he’d never do that to me. I told him I wasn’t deliberately manipulative, he said he knew it wasn’t deliberate, but it’s easy for woman to manipulate men. We didn’t say a lot more, we hugged and I honestly could hardly let go. I forced myself, after quite a hug. I was smiley and nice and cheery until I stepped out side, when I broke down completely.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia. Many thanks to the photographer Stacey Harris


  1. oh how i hated when that happened. you do everything you can to hold it together and be strong, and thirty seconds later you just lose it and feel sick enough to die...