12 March 2012

It should have been me

12 March 1988
27 years old
Living in London
Kerry (and Jamie’s) Wedding Day. Everything went marvellously. Even George was bearable. “Hung about” with Rachel, Rose and Alison. The registry office “service” was brief. Went to the Indian in Herne Hill afterwards, and very nice it was too. Then back to Kerry and Jamie’s for drinks and cake and chatting.
Jamie’s brothers do seem a little strange and his mother a right bossy boots. I’m so nasty, criticising everyone, but there you go. K looked lovely, very very sweet and I felt extremely happy for her and extra extremely fond of her also.
Came home exhausted. Tried not to feel low, but of course I got to thinking of T. In fact in the morning as I awoke I struggled to put off a feeling of gloom. I couldn’t help thinking – “This should be my wedding day”. After all K’s and my double wedding jokes. Her and Jamie meeting the day T and I did; their same surname and the fact that I love Tony as much as I do, I guess a feeling of gloom wasn’t so surprising. 


  1. A gloomy time and a time for regret as well....

    1. No regrets now, thank goodness. In fact I thank my lucky stars I never hooked up with anyone (seriously) before meeting my husband!

  2. Oh...hard time. Weddings bring up such emotions...