11 March 2012

Changing Friendships

11 March 1983
22 years old
Into school musicless, no batteries. Met everyone at the bus and we drove to the zoo. Wandered around with Manuella taking pictures rather than drawing. It was very pleasant. Drove back to school with M. Had Design for Print [class], it was getting hot by now, she had to leave early, so I wanted to too, to avoid the trains. As I left David Murray [lecturer] said something and I felt so rotten. Left anyway.
Drove home, rested a bit then dashed to work [old people’s home]. Gabrielle is such a BITCH. I can’t stand her. Mrs Cawley died.
At home had tea, got ready and left. Picked up Vic, Chris C and Jonas. Soph preferred to stay in. C went to I Can Run. Bumped into Robyn from school, also Rema and Katrina and Julian. Little Murders were OK for a dance. Church were good, but the sound wasn’t too good. The new songs sounded good too. Afterwards went downstairs and said Hi. Marty was lovely as ever, and Steve, with his smiles and looks. Didn’t stay long as Vic and the others waiting.
Drove Julian home and then the others. Realised how different I am to the ol’ uni gang. I always knew I was, but I really felt it in the car going home. Julian and I raved about the same bands and people, and the others weren’t interested when I continued raving after dropping Julian off. Doesn’t bother me, but I felt how big the gap was. Realisation.

I am losing track of which pictures I have and haven't posted of The Church, so today I will post a flyer. Not quite the 'right' date, but never mind!

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  1. Love the flyer...and I can't imagine going anywhere without music to listen to!! That sucks!