13 March 2012

Circumstances & the Horridness of Life

13 March 1988
27 years old
Living in London
Despite wanting to do so much with my time off I think I stayed in all day. However by the evening I was a little desperate to go out. Went to Cash’s private view with Harry, Bruce and Simon (Can is away in Wales). Felt a little awkward and unsociable at first, wondering what I was doing there, but ended up having quite a good conversation with one of Zoe’s friends. Also very nice to see a lot of people there I like, especially Tom and surprise surprise Robin, looking as handsome as ever. Also there were AM (decidedly peculiar) with Rosie, Catherine, Vic Reeves et al.
Leina and Andrew, whose friend I spoke to and lives in the same building as them and Tony; described my dear one as “Interesting Tony” rather sarcastically. His girlfriend said how nasty that was, and for all they knew he was a good friend of mine, or even my boyfriend. If only they knew that we might have got married yesterday, if not for circumstances and the horridness of life.
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