05 February 2012

The Sad End of a Punk

5 February 1979
18 years old
The summer of 78-79 was a good one. I had just finished my first year at university and had turned 18 (in May), which meant I could finally get into pubs to see bands without getting hassled by the security staff. Bands I liked and saw around this time: Proles, Sports, News and the Boys Next Door.
I cannot remember where I was when I heard Sid Vicious had died, but I remember being sad, and I remember that on the nightly news they interviewed some Melbourne ‘punks’ about it, including Nick Cave.
He was only 21, so very very young, though at the time, being 18 I didn’t think he was that young. Age, is of course, relative.
Anyone else out there old enough to remember Sid’s death? 

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